Using SN2 with external amps

Hey there, as most of us are always chasing the holy grail of sound, I’m considering using my SN2 with hi-cap ps as a pre-amp to external amps for increased quality in the sound. I love the current sound but know there is always better. Not sure if I should use stereo or mono blocks, but that’s part 2 of my question.

Will the needle move with a NAP 250DR or break from Naim for the amps and go a different direction? Looking at possibly using PS Audio M700’s or any other suggestion you may have.

I have an SN2 and if I were going to do a step upgrade I would initially add a higher !evel naim preamp to the SN2, most likely a pre-owned NAC252. I find the amp section of the SN2 will drive almost anything.
I have developed this opinion from what I have read on this forum. Some people recommend an amp upgrade, but I find that most, by quite a margin, would upgrade the pre section first.
Hope this helps.


A lot has been discussed regarding adding a NAP 250DR to to a Supernait.

Do a search on ‘SN2 and NAP 250 DR’ and 50+ threads are available to read.

I would head over to a dealer and hear a demo…


I think naim amps are the key to sq and the so called naim sound, expensive as naim kit is once u have a good naim amp section your hi fi is equipped to present great music. Naim integrated amps offer super compromise and are hard to beat but if u can upgrade to classic pre and power amps (at any level) at the centre of your system u won’t be disappointed

You could add a hicap to the sn2 as an alternative (or additional!) step to upgrade

A few years ago I was running NDX into SN2, and was looking at upgrade options.

I tried adding each of XPS2, 555PS (to the NDX) and 250 and Supercap to the SN2 - only 1 at a time as I only had budget for 1 box. The biggest improvement to my ears was the SC on the SN2, and by quite some margin.

Worth considering if you’re keen to hang on to the SN2 and want to improve the over all SQ.

Of course, from a cost point of view you may be able to do better with a pre-owned pre/pwr amp, but that’s not what you asked. :wink:

Plus 1 for upgrading pre-amp. If you’ve really been bitten by the bug then you’ll end up there anyway.

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