Using sub out of supernait 3 to use it as a preamp

Hi if I get a power amp from a different brand and want to use the cd in from dac and no speakers connected to the binding posts but have an RCA cable connected from sub out to power amp. Will I be able to control the volume and use the sn3 as a preamp?

Yes, the pre out and sub out are both ‘post volume control’ so the Supernait volume control will still work.

but having no speakers connected to binding post is ok?

It’ll be fine without having speakers attached to the power amp section.


Since the speakers won’t be connected and not drawing power, does that mean the preamp section will have full availability of the transformer power bandwidth (better performance / similar situation as connecting sn3 to a hicap) but instead of pre being powered by external transformer it would use the internal one better while seperate different power amp drives the speakers with its own transformer?

The pre-amp uses dedicated windings on the transformer, however, with no demand or load on the power amp, it will certainly be working optimally.

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