Using Uniti Atom as a streamer and preamp

Hi folks,
I am a happy owner of Uniti Atom however I have a chance to buy XS2 Integrated amp in a good price. I am thinkin to use it as a power amp for the Atom until I will purchase ND2XS2 streamer. I am not sure what interconnect to use. I know it has to be RCA on the output as the Atom does not have din, but on XS2 side would it be 5din or 4din? I know is a rookie question but am I able to control the volume through Atom and use xs2 purely as a power amp? Would this be correct cable to use?

If that is a RCA to 4 pin DIN that should be fine.

You will need to remove the bridging plug from the rear of the xs2.

Read the xs2 manual re fault lights when using in power amp mode.

If this is in some way inaccurate, I’m sure someone will be along to clarify. I used to have an XS3, the power amp in socket is a 4pin.


Instructions are in the manual.
You have 2 choices; power amp mode or use av bypass. AV Bypass will probably be easier to implement as you can use standard stereo rca/phono interconnects into the av phono sockets.


Thanks a lot for the quick answer. Which option would be better in terms of sound quality?

But if it is a DIN 4 to 2 Phono lead it will not be.

Not the same.

No, im aware of that, hence my response. :wink:

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Good. One of the minority who ‘know’ about this important difference… :expressionless:

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Is there a difference in the final result using the 2 different settings : av bypass or power amp mode ?

In power amp mode, you can only feed it via the preamp.

If you use av bypass, the xs stays as an integrated. So you can connect other sources to the back, improve the preamp with a flatcap/hicap, power a stageline etc.

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