Using WD My Cloud as a network server with Uniti Star

I want to use my existing WD My Cloud network drive to store music for my new Uniti Star, but can’t seem to make it appear as a UPnP server on the network. Has anyone any experience of doing this? The computers on my network are Windows 10

Does the WD have a UPnP (DLNA) server installed and did you activate it?

I run PLEX on my WD NAS which is okay if you rip to FLAC but if you rip to WAV you don’t get any meta data, I spent ages trying to sort this out before giving up. I now store WAV file on an SD card stuck in the back of the Star, when this is full I will get an SSD to use as a music store.

Hi, I am still a novice at this, so will have to see what installing a server on the WD MY Cloud entails. Thanks for the suggestion

The My Cloud is pretty ropey. If you are serious about networked music I’d get a Qnap or Synology and load Asset. Do it properly and you’ll be rewarded with a rock solid setup.

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Or you could rip to FLAC as there is no advantage to WAV whatsoever except if you have an old Naim streamer

As I understand it you are intending to use the MyCloud to store CDs ripped by the Star, whose built in server would be serving the music files. So you wouldn’t need a third party UPnP server running on the NAS.
I don’t use a Star, and to be honest I don’t recall if such a NAS is able to be configured for this purpose.

I have an old WD My Cloud and it’s ok for streaming but pretty poor generally.

I think there have been a few different versions, mine certainly can’t run any additonal 3rd party software, it came bundled with Twonky Server, newer terations may be able to do more - have you got a model number?

For mine I’d stick music in a Public/Music folder and Twonky Server detects it and my Naim kit can see it.

Can you access the MyCloud control panel via a browser?

I disagree, SQ is slightly better to my ears with WAV

If you think so, you are probably the only one then with a new streamer. If the tiny uncompressing overhead has still such a bad influence even after redesigning everything in the second generation, Naim engineers would be pretty poor.

I am not the only one, lots of people on the forum have the same opinion as do Naim, which is why they still include the ability to rip to WAV.

I only ever read this about the old streamers (and then it was a small difference), which were much less powerful. Flac decompression is a tiny load, my laptop decompresses a whole song in under a second

When I was at a Naim event, someone asked about the difference and the person making the presentation said they still believe WAV offers superior SQ. I must admit that I was somewhat sceptical until I heard the slight difference and because storage is now so cheap that I would rip to WAV.

Don’t want to argue with you or Naim. If they said that, I suggest they need a third generation and this time should try to get it right. It’s ridiculous frankly. Luckily, I don’t hear the tiniest difference when doing transcoding to WAV on the UPnP server vs. streaming flac directly, with NDX2/555DR, 252, 300DR.

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Have you tried one? Mine has been faultless.

Of course, otherwise how would I be able to say it’s useless?

I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me with this subject, as a result of all your help I have got my WD MY Cloud working as well as it can, I have Asset running on my PC and acting as a UPnP server and also understand the Uniti Star software a lot better, thank you. Steve

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