Utility companies again

I’m still waiting for the refund British Gas owe to my father’s estate, 6 years later. It’s only around £20 but despite agreeing it was owed they’ve still hung on to it. In truth I can’t be arsed but my own dealings with them years ago incline me to never use them again. Been with OVO for years, after a spell with EON and no problems in that time except they keep pestering me to have a smart meter. This may have been handy in the end as I can’t give them a meter reading from 1000 miles away. The test will come when I close the account, there will be more than £20 to refund this time.

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You have to badger them until they eventually give up.

I found most so called ‘bereavement departments’ not fit for purpose and acted in their own interests/agenda when dealing with my brothers estate. I had no hesitation giving them what for and informing them how they should hang their heads in shame and threatened to post it on my Fb account - even though I dont use it!

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