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Love the forum especially the discussions on upgrading and tuning. Celebrating my 64th year today and the fact that I have Naim in my life since the early 80,s. My good lady asked me at the beginning of October what birthday present I wanted as we operate a slush fund that allows for the unexpected and Naim servicing etc. The slush fund would have covered a power supply for our CDX or a new pre amp to replace our 102 etc. Took a deep breath and given that I am a great fan of Mary Chapin Carpenter I opted for the purchase of McC first three albums to complete my collection. So glad I did was allowed one to play last night and yes if I had taken the offer to upgrade I would be listening to my current collection. But the new music is so good and has had a wider impact on my listening experience. Nothing like hearing a song written in 1987 that I first heard in 2023 that has matured greatly. Will get to the other albums next week!


I like the slush fund idea … hereby adopted.

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Upgrading is fun and I played the game for around 50 yrs, after starting when I was 10 yrs old with a little Steepletone stereo record player. My first upgrade was to change the fitted crystal cartridge for a (supposedly better) ceramic one! That’s where it all began for me!

There’s also a certain satisfaction in drawing a line under it all and just being satisfied with what you have. Even if it’s not the very best possible. (is it ever?). So yes your CDX would benefit from a P/S. Having done exactly that myself in the past I know it’s an improvement. But TBH I didn’t think it was that much of a move forwards and it certainly didn’t change the basic character of the CDX. So I really don’t think you’re missing much.

Anyway you’re enjoying your new music and that’s all that matters.

PS. I went to a CDS3 from the CDX and frankly I thought the CDX was far more entertaining.

I’m not sure that I get the thread title, but unless you’re one of the people for whom the hifi is the hobby and music incidental (and it certainly seems there are such people, then buying music is a very valid use of funds, slush, birthday, or other… I recall back round about 1980, money having been extremely tight over the previous five years or so due to mortgage etc, with only a vary small number of music purchases over that time, when for some reason I don’t recall I found myself with £50 to spare (equivalent to about £260 today). I decided to backfill with music, and had a shopping spree in central London, buying 17 LPs. Money well spent!

As for system upgrades, I have never been convinced of the benefit of minor changes, preferring to save for longer and make fewer, bigger, changes, with the benefit of costing less overall to get to a long term goal, upgrades that way being better value.


I cannot imagine a bigger treat than going out and buying 17 albums in one go. Way more fun and excitement than a box upgrade.

Though it’s a bit upsetting to think that £250 these days wouldn’t get you to that number!

[edited to add… I guess it depends on format, I was thinking vinyl, but certainly downloads or CDs would be easier!]

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It was a surprisingly difficult task! There were maybe about half of them that were instant “must haves”, but for the remainder I had to choose from at least twice as many that I was interested in.

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The record selection sounds good! “Upgrading” your present system was going to be a challenge. Sounds like you have a bunch of older olive gear and upgrading one of the pieces may not make a significant difference. However, they my be in need of servicing if this hasn’t been done yet. I’d probably spend my money on the amp first, then pre-amp. Don’t touch the CDX - I don’t believe they can be repaired if damaged/injured (eg in shipping/transportation)!

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