VDH Digi-coupler opinions sought please?

Hello all, does anyone have any experience with the Van Den Hul digi-coupler cable?
I’m thinking of one to connect my Primare ND5 to my Chord Qutest, which is then connected to SN3.

Thanks in advance.

Not hands-on experience, but knowing VDH (the man), you cannot go wrong with this one.

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Well, there is the ‘extender’.

Having said that, I do own a few VDH interconnects and my speaker cable is also by them (him?).

I’m running two of those (1.5m) to feed a Chord Qutest from my HQPlayer computer via the AudioWise SRC•DX adapter. It was an improvement over the Blue Jeans coaxial cables they replaced, better focused soundstage and bass heft, rather subtle but IME worth the investment if you’re trying to extract an additional ounce of performance from your DAC.