Velvet Underground documentary

This looks interesting, well to me anyway, pretty scant footage that I’m aware of so hopefully they’ve unearthed some gems:


Not sure I’d have wanted Haynes doing it. Not sure there’s much more to say but it’s gotta be worth a watch. Looking forward to the compilation tribute this coming Friday too.

Only available to US customers it appears Mike?

The doc or the album?

The pre order link that you sent has downloads as only available to
US customers, but of course the album is available from all usual outlets, my mistake!

This is an interesting review of doc.

FYI Guardian has also reviewed it.

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Thanks for that, as you say interesting, a must see for me, sad that there isn’t more live footage…but that would destroy some of the mystique of course.

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Thanks for that, so that’s at least three of us interested, I wonder if the BFI will screen it, nicer on the big screen I think.

I’m hopeful Home in Manchester will put it on.

Showing as part of the BFI London Film Festival, Fri Oct 8 at 21:15 and Sat 9 Oct at 11:00. At The Southbank Centre.

Sadly can’t make either of those dates.

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I shall be watching on Apple TV as soon as the opportunity arrives.

Wow, this should be good.

Defo a must watch for me when available in the UK

Watched this on Apple TV yesterday. Liked the music and anecdotal material hated the visual style.

Viewing this afternoon. Will report back.

What did you think?

Didn’t happen. Overtaken by getting pinged by the NHS app. Hopefully tonight.

Apologies. Been meaning to respond for a few days. Finally watched it and have mixed feelings really. It still feels to me as though the definitive statement on the Velvets has yet to be made.

I can see the attraction of Haynes style in this context but I didn’t think it especially added anything. There were specific occasions when it clearly detracted. For example one shot with a speed through multiple images where each lingered enough for you to know what it was and that you’d want to see more but… no. It reminded me of that bizarre U2 tour with Zoo TV though. You have a huge set up; establish a mood and then just turn it off part way through and have a normal gig. This was like that. Utilise the style of Warhol for about 2/3s and then… nope it’s an ordinary documentary.

So, for me, enjoyable but hugely frustrating. Lots of footage where you think “just me see all of this please” but no you’re off again.

Equally, much as I prefer the output of Cale over Reed goodness knows there’s enough Lou Reed footage to have included much much more and much more from Warhol and others. It all smacked of those BBC4 music docs which ignore all the contemporaneous footage in favour of 2nd rate comedians.

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