Vertere MG-1

I’m a long time Roksan Xerxes 20 plus user, and have enjoyed every minute of it so far. But after reading so many great things about Vertere I decided to go and see what the fuss was about.
I auditioned the MG-1 deck/SG-1 arm/Mystic cart package through Naim new classic 222/250 combo into Neat Ministra.
The MG-1 is a very different proposition to the classic turntables I grew up coveting. In fairness to it, the Rega decks are too. I’m not sure they suit my eye but it’s the sound that matters most. (Is what I told myself.)
So onto the listening.
I always find it difficult to evaluate what a source component is doing better/different to my own set up in an unfamiliar system. But I think I heard enough good things to revisit for a second listen and maybe go a step further with a home demo. A lot will depend on the part ex value of my stuff.
Initial listening was through a Luxman phono stage which I didn’t like at all - everything sounded reigned in and flat. Much too polite for me. That was swapped out for a Rothwell phono stage which was much more to my liking.
I was underwhelmed at the 222/250 & Neat combo but don’t know which was the major culprit. When I go back I think I’ll ask them to add the 300 power supply.
Anyone on here have the MG-1? What solution did you use regarding a lid? £960 is a joke price just have the Vertere logo etched on it.

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Hi SteveO,

I made a similar move from a Xerxes X to the MG-1, albeit I did it in stages.

Regarding the lid, I had one made from a company called Plastic Online Ltd that will make one to your specification. They have a couple of templates including cut-outs for the cables where you have to provide the measurements/dimensions. I used dimensions such that the lid rests on the frame of my shelf, rather than the turntable or the shelf itself. I put some self adhesive soft pads on the corners of the frame which hold the lid securely. You’ll also see mine is quite tall as I allowed for a future purchase of an iso-shelf. This I think was a mistake as it does make the turntable look like an exhibit and the lid is quite heavy. Apart from that, I think it works very well. Mine came to just over £100 including shipping about year ago.

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend you listen to the Imperium power supply against Tempo /Challenger power supply. It’s quite expensive at c. £8K, but you might like the (considerable) difference that it makes. This would be a good time to give it a listen as you should be able offset the price of the Tempo as part of the deal. This is what my dealer allowed me to do.




Brilliant, thanks for that. I did a search for custom acrylic lids yesterday and saw Plastic Online. Good to know they make good stuff. Didn’t like the idea of the Vertere lid being backless either …

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Are you looking at the Rega Naia? It looks interesting from some of the initial comments on the forum.

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Might that be to guard against knocking the back of the arm?

I’ll certainly give it a listen before pulling the trigger, it would be remiss not to, but I’ve never really enjoyed the Rega decks I’ve heard. The same is true of the LP12.

Don’t know what the thinking is. Couldn’t get any closer to the the arm on the Xerxes 20+ with the lid if you tried, and I’ve gone nearly 14 years without hitting it.
Hope I’ve not just jinxed myself …

Vertere MG-1 owner here after trading in my Xerxes 20+ and Artemiz 2 for it.

Cartridge was the excellent value DV XX-2 mk 2. After wearing it out, the current cartridge is a Hana Umami Red.

MG-1 power supply is the Tempo. The Tempo is very much better than anything Roksan offered for the Xerxes 20+ and it makes a substantial difference.

It’s not cheap to move from a Xerxes 20+ to an MG-1 but it is a very real step up, so well worth it to these cloth ears.

It is genuinely an end-game turntable.

We went to Sora Shop and paid €70 for the Perspex cover. The alternative was £700 for the oversized Vertere one…

Best regards, BF


Interesting to hear that you consider it a major upgrade. The salesman at the demo said it would better the Xerxes but perhaps not by a big enough margin for me to spend the large chunk of cash required.
Only a home demo will tell I guess, but you’ve upped the ante in my desire to get one into my listening room for evaluation.

Hi Steve,
I can only recount my experience. It was significantly better for me but you will hear it differently as each of us will.
For the price of the MG-1, I would want to hear a Rega Naia too, if only for peace of mind.

Best regards, BF

Looking at your system profile have you considered a Supercap DR for your Superline? Get one while you still can… it transforms the Superline.

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Serious stuff! It looks impressive. :+1:. I imagine new people coming to your house and see that for the first time. They must be intrigued.

Actually Chris, I Supercapped the Superline two years ago. Never thought to update the profile. And you’re absolutely right - it’s more than twice the phono stage it was with a HiCap.


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