Vertere Tempo

Hi @Bluesfan I’m curious to know if you’ve considered or chosen to upgrade the power supply on your MG-1 to a Tempo. The local dealer is offering a trade in on the SG-1MD power supply mine was supplied with.

Cheers, Ian

Very interested to hear about this but :frowning_face: that the Tempo can’t be adapted for the Xerxes.

Hi Ian,
Our friendly Vertere dealer has mentioned the Tempo and rather unhelpfully mentioned it in glowing terms.

The piggy bank has been well and truly drained this year (a couple of recent threads on this forum refer) and vinyl is already sounding considerably more natural & lifelike than the streamer, so any Tempo will wait until next year or the year after.

If your dealer will set up a comparison demo for you, then go for it.
Do let us know how you get on.

Best regards, BF

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Haha thanks @Bluesfan. I am not sure there is one in the country (NZ) at the moment. Which is good because I too have given piggy bank a hiding this year.

The upgrade would be around £1800 equivalent. If I do consider shelling out more dosh I’ll ask the forum about whether to upgrade the phono stage first (Stageline K).

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