Very loud pop when amplifier was off - Naim Nait 2

Hi All,

I am new to this forum, maybe a Naim Nait 2 owner could help me with this problem.
My speakers recently made a very loud pop when I switched on the power outlet, which my amp is connected to. Weird thing was that my amp was Off. The pop was many times louder than the usual pops that occur after powering up the amp. I switched the amp on afterwards, and everything seemed to sound normal though. The amp and wall socket was turned off for 4 days prior to this event.

I have -20db attenuators connected, the volume knob was left at the 8’oclock position. The pop was way louder to what I normally hear at that knob position. See my gear list below. I know I shouldn’t use surge protectors but it was definitely frightening to hear loud sounds through a amp that wasn’t even turned on :sweat_smile:. Furthermore, all electrolytic and tantalum caps were replaced and serviced by Naim recently. Anybody have any idea about this?


PC source
Schiit Bifrost multibit DAC
Chord Clearway interconnects
Rothwell in-line attenuator -20db (source)
Naim Nait 2
Witchhat N2 speaker cables
Harbeth P3ESR
Power board with surge protector

Hmmm… I wonder whether something from the power side (leads, power strip etc…) is being picked up by the speaker leads? Anyway, probably best to leave this to the experts…

As an aside, I would strongly suggest trying without the surge protector plugged into the mains - these can do no end of harm to the performance in my experience.

Honestly, couldn’t even tell if the sound was actually from the speakers or inside the amp itself. But the fact that the system is still operating should mean the former… I hope!

And yes, I’ll definitely remove the power board and surge protector, have been hearing only bad things about them.

I would have also recommended that you remove the PC for similar reasons, but as this appears to be your only source that may prove a little tricky without a wholesale change.

Thanks for the suggestions, and yes removing the PC would prove difficult, I’m also using the amp for general PC use.

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