Very loud static/rumbling noises

Hi all,
I bought my naim nap 200 dr - nac-n 272 - xp5 - xs CD5si - Kef r700 it’s just over 5 years ago from Criterion Audio and now it’s making very loud static/rumbling noises after an hour or so of switching it on,
I tried muting the sound but the noise was still there,
Has anyone got any idea which one could be causing this, as I now cannot afford to send all my units for testing as it could be very expensive?

Firstly I would turn it all off and unplug and replug in all of the cables a couple of times to wipe the contacts. Then turn it all on again. Does it still do it?

If it does including when you mute it, then it’s either the 272 or the NAP 200. My bet is the NAP200. You could wait until it does it, turn the volume right down on the 272 and then turn the 272 off while you leave the NAP 200 on. You may get a bit of a click/thump but that won’t matter for such a test. If it all goes quiet then it’s the 272 and if the static/rumbling continues, then it’s the NAP 200.

Hi David
yesterday I completely strip down and clean everything plus I tested all of the cables, I will tomorrow try your idea thanks with an old pair of Celestion speakers just in case, will let you know of the outcome tomorrow.


Hi David,
When it started again I turn off the 272 with the XP5 XS it then when quiet. could the XP5 XS be coursing this as it powers the 272.

It could be. So what you could do is disconnect the XP5 XS and replace the bypass plug onto the socket on the back of the 272. Then put the 272 and 200 on again and see whether that has fixed the problem. (The 272 works fine without an external power supply, providing you replace the bypass plug.)

I thought of doing just that but I’m still looking for the plug, it looks like I’ll have to buy one it will probable be quicker

It’s a black tube with a Burndy plug on one end, about 3cm in diameter and 5 cm long and the other end is closed.


Hi I havant done anything for a week or so my wife had a hart attack, alls good now, Back to sorting it out, I still can’t find it I look into buying one it’s not cheap £125, do you know if the Naim Link Plug Burndy 9 Way for HDX is the same, as theres one on Ebay for £65 at the moment, I’ve manage to borrow a Cyrus smart power amp to run a test using it, would the Cyrus be pk for this.

I don’t know. Sorry. You could ring Naim technical support and ask them. Or just bite the bullet and order a coupling plug from a Naim dealer.

ok I will do that thanks, when I get it I’ll let you know the out come

Hi I done anther test but this time it took 12 hours this time to start making a loud rumbling & cracking noise am 4am, The noise only comes from the left hand speaker very loud, I plug in the head phones the noise then transfers to the headphones, so I unplug the headphones switch it all off after 30 seconds I switch it back on but not the amp, it started to make the noise again on the left channel,
Dose this mean it looking to be the NAC-N-n 272.

If it’s a) only affecting one channel and b) it’s there with the volume turned right down and c) it’s there whether you use loudspeakers (which plug into a power amp that in turn plugs into your 272) or you use headphones plugged into the 272, then it does sound like a fault in your 272.

Did you disconnect the XPS-DR yet? I doubt that it is the XPS-DR or the burndy as it only affects one channel. But if you bought a new link plug as discussed above, you may as well try that.

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Hi with your advice and mike’s I decided to take the 272 in and go from there,
I’ll contact you when I get it back and working,

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