Very Small High Quality Speakers

Looking to put together a second system which will be used with my desktop computer. Will be streaming and also playing locally stored files through a UnitiQute or similar. Primary consideration is size with great sound an assumed non-negotiable term!

Any recommendations on a small but rich-sounding pair of speakers in sub £700 range that would be a good match? Something with real midrange clarity. They would need to sit on my desk where depth and width are both factors. The room is relatively small and would be used at mostly lower volume levels.

Neat Iota ?


Beat me to it, James … and although the RRP on these is slightly over budget, they should be widely available for much less, and, like all things Neat, they’re great speakers. :+1:


I gave a UQ2 and Neat Iotas in the study and they are excellent together. The Iotas sound a lot better on wall brackets than on the desk, which might be worth considering. I paid £400 for mine, in perfect condition.


Should also mention I’m fine w/going used to make for a better value and broaden the range of possibilities. Have heard mention of the Iotas before but not seen one in person yet.

Iotas, great speakers

Bigger than the Iotas but definitely worth a look are the Proac Tablette 10 and the ATC SCM7 if you’re consider pre-loved.If you want small and fun though, it’s hard to beat the Neats.


Happy to look… though I’m actually interested if there’s anything even smaller than the Iotas that’s worth looking at. :slight_smile:

Dali Menuet?

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Totem Kin Mini, tiny and £399


Wel if you want smaller than the Iota then look at the Audiosmile Little British Monitor. It’s an active speaker system so you’ll need to feed it at line level. Very neat desk stand arrangement too. An Audioquest Dragonfly could do the DAC duties.

You’re getting to a size though where perhaps something like a Muso QB could be an alternative solution to some small speakers and a UQ ?


What about vanatoo sig 1 encore? Powered and in your price range. I was looking for desktop a bit ago. They got good reviews from buyers on online site. I ended up getting something really cheap so cannot comment myself

…I can’t see ProAc tablettes on a desk!

Iota’s in my spare room system, dedicated stands​:laughing: show how Neat they are. Graham Nash is a bit taller!!!:sunglasses:


These have always interested me - just don’t have a use for them!

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Small Piegas, e.g TS3s or T micro 40s. Tannoy Revolution XT/XT mini or, if you find a bargain used, Tannoy Autograph Mini.

Hi @jusphish, you might also want to consider KEF LS50. The non-active/regular version come at attractive prices second hand.

Eclipse TD 508. I love my pair…fun fact, the chord company use speakers in this range in their listen rooms to analyse the difference between speaker cable…



But don’t expect much real bass even from the PMC and its transmission line given the size (as with any other very small speaker) - but presumably you can use a sub?

Alternatively, an off-the -wall suggestion: for really small, how about the Bose lifestyle system normally sold for AV surround use: the ‘jewel’ speakers are really tiny, yet give a good account of themselves, and bought as an older secondhand system can be quite cheap - and systems will includes a sub as well… But I’ve no idea how good they are with music.

Some very good quality mid range headphones ?

I’d also suggest Neat Iotas and wall rather than desk mounting if possible. (Also frees up desk space.) I have them with an Atom but they’re also a frequent combo with UnitQute. A well-known national hifi chain have a pair with “minor marks” at well under new price.