Very strange thing

Hello to everyone.
Couple of months ago I borrowed from my dealer a demo Nordost Blue Heaven Phono Cable to connect my Technics sl1210gr to my phono preamp.
It performed really great so I decided to order a new one.
New one arrived last week & I connected it.
Once I connected it a loud ground loop appeared.
So problem is that with the exact same cable,the demo plays fine but the new one makes a ground loop.
What is happening?
I am starting to get crazy…
Any ideas???

From what I can see of the phono cable on Nordost’s site there are two ground wires at on end and one at the other. The end with two will be forked and for the deck but you may not want to use both depending on the earthing inherent in the deck. Try using none, one and both with the amp end connected.
The demo cable may have a break in one of its ground wires, you’ll find out if one of the arrangements works and they’re not both connected.

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I already tried it.The same results.

Get the demo one back in place of the new one and let the dealer sort it out?


This is the easy part,not the solution.

Maybe it needs to run in? :grimacing:

Sorry,could not resist. I’ll get my coat and hat…

Then I can offer no solution except give the problem to your dealer but here’s another example of strange grounding effects to cheer you up.

I have London Decca cartridge on a second deck with a Stageline on AUX power mapped to AUX1 with my main deck mapped to AUX2, the 552 can assign any input to any button. When first set up they were mapped the other way round and at first all was well, than one day both inputs developed a quite loud hum, I may have redressed the cables just before I heard it. Checking the cables and remaking the ground contacts didn’t cure it but remapping the inputs did, except for minor humming still there on the Decca but now way below annoyance level, low enough that I’m not tempted to disconnect the second channel low connector and leave it dangling. A known issue with Deccas as the two low pins are joined in the cartridge.

Hello again to everyone.
I am bringing back the topic since I found the solution to the problem (or at least I believe so…).
After connecting multiple phono interconnect cables (Nordost blue heaven & heimdall, Ortofon,etc.) to my Technics sl1210gr & dealing with buzz-noise issues I tried a standard non phono interconnect cable,the Nordost blue heaven & a separate ground cable the Audioquest saturn & problem immediately stopped.
I also tried other standard interconnects with separate ground cable & didn’t have issues as well.
So I believe the sl1210gr doesn’t need a special phono cable but a standard interconnect.
Maybe Technics constructed it this way so buyers can use a wide variety of interconnects than phono cables.
Also one more important thing:when I had connected phono cables I had a lot of static when touching my system,turntable-phono pre-SN3.
Since I connected the standard interconnect cable static immediately stopped.
An advice to all the sl1210gr owners DO use standard interconnects instead of phono ones.

Interesting, but how does it explain that the issue did not occur with the original dealer sample? Am I missing something obvious?

I really don’t know mate.
To be more specific buzz didn’t existed but static was huge,I mean huge.
For sure,in my experience, phono cables for this turntable do not help at all.

It’s hifi
:woman_mage: :man_shrugging:
glad it works now!


I tried:
1.Nordost blue heaven
2.Nordost heimdall
3.Ortofon 6NX-TSW-1010
With all of them had both buzz & static issues.
1.Nordost blue heaven dealers demo
2.Project connect-it
Only static issues.

With standard interconnects, nordost,dynavox & cheaper ones - NO issues.

My conclusion is to use standard interconnects & do not experiment.
Loss of time & maybe money.

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