Very very unusual question!

I am considering new speakers for the Atom and one of the speakers has a chance on being knocked over by very excited grandchildren one day in the week. Now my plan is to disconnect the speaker when the Atom is in deep sleep! Is this not harmful for the Atom or do I have to cut the power entirely, and if by chance the Atom is set to play with the other speaker connected not harmful to the Atom! I know it’s not ideal but trying to protect the stuff from harms way.

Thanx Piet

If you wish to disconnect the speaker cables from a speaker then it’s best to do this at the amp end rather than the speaker end. That way you will avoid accidentally shorting out the amp. There should be no problem with disconnecting the speaker cables from the amp while its powered up - the Naim speaker plugs allow you do this easily and safely.

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Thank you Richard for the reply, access from the speaker side is a little more easy for me and I had in mind to put some plastic shielding caps around the plugs so to avoid the short circuit!

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