Videos - how?

I’ll post this here, as some vids are posted on the “System Videos” thread…

I successfully posted a video on that thread myself. I’ve tried posting a video on another thread, but there’s a problem.

I’m doing it by tapping the “photo” symbol. This takes me to my phone’s files. When I tap on the video file, I get an “incompatible file type” message.

I THINK I did it this way last time, but perhaps either I’ve forgotten something or the software here that governs the process has changed.

What am I doing wrong?

I think you have to upload the video to a video hosting platform like YouTube, then provide the URL to the video in your post.

Unlike still images, the forum doesn’t host videos, hence the need to use a third-party host like YouTube.

Ah yes. Now I remember. Terrific. Ta. :grinning:

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