Vintage Gear: speaker cable termination/posts

Health warning: this post relates to a non-Naim situation :grinning:

I have a vintage Pioneer receiver (1960s) that I may put back into service. But it’s only ever known bare-wire speaker cable because of the old connectors. Pictured below:

What do I use to connect speakers, given I’d like to upgrade the cabling? Is it lugs like these below?

I guess they would need to go sideways…If anyone has experience with this sort of stuff, some advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Potentially, yes - IF you can find some which will fit - which may prove tricky.

Is it worth it, on such an old unit…? I would be tempted to try something like QED 79 Strand, into the screw terminals.

oh yes, totally worth it…

I just looked, and all these lugs seem to have an 8 / 9mm gap - so could conceivably fit. I guess this is what you’d use on, let’s say, an old McIntosh 275 amp from the 60s/70s as well?

Looks like the answer is to take a punt and spend the 17 Euros on Amazon and see what happens

You could terminate with these instead; crimp terminals used in cars etc.
Either the open ended ones or the round ones would be ideal.

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