Vintage Naim & Linn Sales Brochures

I have converted some old Naim & Linn LP12 sales brochures (from the late 1970’s & early 1990’s) to PDFs & uploaded them to the Wetransfer site where they will remain for one week only from now, 25.5.22 for anyone that wants to download & view them.

Click on this link to access them:-

Hope you find them interesting.


Thank you very much

Thank you, too

Thanks :+1:

Yes, thank you, very interesting.

Thanks for this. I have one of them, the Linn Play Back system leaflet, from the days before the great falling out. I also have some other leaflets from this period somewhere. I will have to look them out or more likely stumble across them as I carry on unpacking in my new home.

‘The great falling out’. It sounds rather like the Smiths. The Severed Alliance.

Very interesting. Thank you very much.