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Stageline with hicap or superline bare 252 300

Assuming it’s an Mc cart and the deck is up to “scratch” (apologies) then definitely a Superline. The AUX2 of the 252 gives a dedicated feed to the Superline and some pefer it to a dedicated Hicap - a little more together.

Makes me wonder. Does the 282 have the same aux socket?

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It has an AUX2 that can power an off board phono stage, but AFAIK it’s not a dedicated feed with it’s own tx windings like on the NAC52, NAC252 and NAC552.

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Thanks Richard

@TrueBlue or as altenative SH NAIM pre fix powered by HCDR - works superbly on my 252/300DR

I moved from Stageline, short signal path used serviced PRE are great value, and for me it works really well with Lingo 4 (rest of deck is Kore/Khan/Ekos SE/tranquilty/DV20X/Tramp 2)

True Blue, do you have an LP12? A used Urika 1 is a bargain if you do. I like Naim phono stages but find them open to mains noise and rf in my location. No issues with the Urika.

No currently running rp8 with apheta cart

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