Vinyl on a Qute

Good morning all. Here is number n in a series of daft questions…

I have a Unity 2 which is in need of a service after heavy use. I play vinyl through it using Stageline. While it’s away, I have a Qute which languishes in the barn at the moment, but that doesn’t have a powered connection to Stageline.
Is there a way of connecting it to the Qute without buying loads of new kit (power supply, new cables etc)? I may have to go vinyl-free for a while if not… :frowning_face:

Your Stageline will need to be powered in some way and the Qute does not offer a powered AUX2 socket.

The most basic dedicated power supply for the Stageline was the i-Supply (s). Next step up ws the Flatcap. Note though that you’ll also need a 4-5 interconnect to accompany the SNAIC5.

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Never had any kit serviced, so what is it that needs attention after either extended use or the passage of time?

Capacitors, typically, but they check everything. See

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