Vinyl passion "Revolution" power supply for Linn

Just seen a notice that vinyl passion has developed an alternative to the old Linn Valhalla power supply
Yes I know there is already the Hercules…but they claim this easily out performes that…is made in the UK …and is competitive price wise (no price released)
I don’t own a Linn TT …but thought I would mention it in case anyone was about to pull the trigger on a replacement …or maybe wanted to repair an Axis

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I’ve yet to read of a manufacturer saying they have developed a new product that underperforms the competition - sorry.

They do have an interesting range of products and you can go to Mansfield and listen to them so definitely worth a mention. The pricing is sensible too on their very good web site - unlike some they make it easy to find what you are looking for.

It doesn’t make a good sales line does it

“Vinyl passion…almost as good as the rest”

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