Vinyl Storage Solution

Looks quite interesting and reasonably priced.


Reasonably priced?


Don’t think it’s worth the extra over Kallax for example.

Kallax is alright (it’s what I’ve got). But the quality is a bit flaky. So if these are stronger , then I’d say the price is not bad. Quite like the front-facing-record thing

Of course, the quality could be worse !

Alternatively, buy ikea malm, and skip fitting all the drawers. This one gives top 2 for cds (possibly) then 2 drawers for your “vinyls”.

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Isn’t that 4 for vinyl?

There are alternatives – this one seems nice.

Comes even cheaper for you people in :uk:

For UK customer, your VAT is 0%. Please contact before your order! :rofl:

Not if you do it like this.