Vinyl thoughts

It’s a very enjoyable hobby. I love my LP12 and the sound coming from it now is incredible. Playing good vinyl and it sounds alot more detailed, melodic and toe tapping than the NDS. It’s cost a bomb and isn’t finished yet.

The thing I like about LP12 is I can now upgrade the power supply to Radikal and the sub chassis to Keel. I don’t need to sell it. I can wait and but the bits I want used. And then ask kindly for dealer to fit them!


It’s a good point and I am now getting to a point of needing some way to clean my records. And then it’s management. New records come in cardboard sleeves so that’s not ideal. Need to get some paper sleeves to protect them as well.

I dont think you’re wrong in your assessment. As the saying goes: ‘whatever makes your vessel bouyant.”

I’ve owned and listened to all three. The aux2 on my 552 gave a more coherent presentation than with the hcdr.

I’m a vinyl nut, tho, and tolerate the scdr/superline these days paired with my Scottish spinny thing :tornado:

I like Spin Care sleeves. Not overly expensive. I use a Project Alu cleaning machine. Which is great. Other brands are of course available.


Rega P3, Neo power supply and Fono mm phono stage all secondhand will give you a great entry point into vinyl replay.

As others have mentioned pre-loved vinyl can often be a very good buy, look for independent record shops as they are most likely to have second hand vinyl.

Modern vinyl can be good or pretty rubbish it is a bit of a mixed bag, but there are some very good labels out there producing some great pressings Blue Note, Speakers Corner just to name two.

A lot of people will be horrified that you want to get into snap crackle and pop now when the clean sound of digital is in full flow but for me its a great medium and one I have enjoyed on and off for 50+ years and one I intend to enjoy for many years to come.

Even digitally sourced vinyl sounds far better replayed in the analogue domain.


Has any vinylphile, like me, noticed that more recently new vinyl releases are much better than 2 or 3 years ago. Maybe the digital recording studios or the pressing plants are realising the huge potential that vinyl has (in terms of SQ).

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Agreed, strange, but true (for me).

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@Stu299 it sounds like you’re on a journey I started 2 weeks ago.

I’d just invested more money into my system (non source parts) and started thinking two things:

  1. if I’ve invested all this money into a good preamp, great power amp, lovely speakers and dedicated radial with high end power block, I wonder what a TT would sound like backed up by all this great gear? (What does a TT actually sound like when you plug it into £30k worth of HiFi?)

  2. I’d love to curate a nice LP collection for my son to listen to, like I did when I used to listen to my dads LP collection.

I wanted to start slowly with the whole vinyl thing. The Roksan Attessa TT gets good reviews at £1100 and a well know retailer is selling them for £400 (new with warranty) so I started there.

I’ve had the TT for two weeks now and I’ve bough 6 albums plus my dads collection.

I absolutely love it! It’s nothing like my NDX2/555ps. On most HiFi metrics the streamer would win, but I still love the TT.

I’m already thinking what would a good TT sound like? A Rega 8/10? Vertere DG1 etc? It could be a slippery slope…

You could start simple/cheap like me, or make the jump to where I already want to go?


P.s. i think a bonus of starting cheap/simple, is that you can start to buy a few LP and get used to the sound of them. Then when you go to demo some better gear, at least you have a baseline to work from?


Yes I’m a bit of a jazz bore and I’ve noticed that many of the Blue Note 80 series are much better with respect to pressing quality being much less in the way of warps particularity.
I have albums digitally mastered on vinyl and the same cd
The vinyl replay completely trounces the digital replay. :+1:t2:


A friend of a friend who worked in Film and TV spoke about how sometimes they would shoot in digital and then copy to film or the other way around to get a more pleasing final result. He did explain why this was so, but it was a pub conversation so I forget the intricacies of what he was saying and just remember that the transfer from analogue to digital or the other way around is often used to get the desired result. This was some time ago, so maybe they can simulate this all in the digital domain now. But I do agree with you for some reason the analogue version of a digital recording often sounds better to my ear.


Anti static sleeves are very good, and fit back in the cover,
Keep inner sleeve in cover as well,
Can show pics if you like

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Yes please!


I see you have a top quality system & I would have thought that anything less than an equally top quality TT would not do it justice. Anything less would probably disappoint.

I am therefore surprised that no one has suggested arranging a few demos of different level TTs to see exactly what they are capable of in systems similar to yours.

This should give you a good idea if aTT is the way to go for you & how much you may need to spend to obtain sound quality acceptable to you.

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My P10/ Lyra Kleos / Ear 912 phono is on the level with the Nds/555 dr / Melco/ PhoenixNet. The Nds goes lower however.
I would advise at minimum a Rega P8 / Apheta/ Aria with the system the OP has ( NDS/ 555dr/ 552/500).
But it will be a costly journey, as Stu has no lps yet.
Go Discogs and buy second hand lp from the analog era, in NM condition, and add a good vinyl cleaning machine.



Thanks, will get some. Anything to keep them clean and prevent scratches!

I just think one step at a time. Going for full blown Deck might be too much if you have no records. Stu might not be clear on way forward.

I always use poly lined inner sleeves and if there are special sleeves inside I store them both in the outer.
I never leaver leave card or paper against the vinyl. :scream: :+1:t2:

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Glad I could help,
Makes a change,
It’s normally me asking🤣