Vinyl vs Digital

Moore’s of computer technology :slight_smile: and 40 years ago we were told it was perfect when CDs were introduced.

…an observation, with no intention to be inflammatory…
It seems to me that many of us who prefer vinyl talk about musical flow, involvement, realism…
Many comments about digital are about technicalities, dynamic range for instance.
Maybe it’s just a matter of what you want from music.
Neither are right or wrong though.

You misunderstood. I’m sure a 25k digital source will outperform my analogue source, but why is it so expensive if the format is basically just computer technology which is in a different universe compared to where it was 40 years ago?

The computer technology is the easy bit…

Profoundly disagree. Some people into analogue obsess on technical detail as do some people who use digital. Goodness knows there are enough opportunities for anyone who wants to. However, a quick glance through this forum alone will find probably more references to musical flow, timbre, PRaT and so on for digital products than analogue.

Last night I sat in the dark listening to the new Arooj Aftab through an Innuos Zenith via a Chord Hugo TT2 DAC. It was nothing short of spine tingling.


I agree that we disagree!
But, it doesn’t matter, we seem to both value music in terms beyond technicalities.
I listen happily to both.
It’s just a matter of preference.
Never had a splint tingle though!

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Ah - a different matter all together. I don’t know. I guess because the manufacturers can charge that much - I’m pretty sure that’s the case with some manufacturers, at least.

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…I think its the implementation that costs.

The first decision I made 20 years ago when I started on my journey is to find a source you are happy with and develop this in your system

Some digital sources are excellent the ones I had heard and would have if I have the ££ would be ND 555 with x 2 PSU, new Linn DSM Organic which is a delight and Vitus

That been said my 2014 NDX has more than enough music for me on the digital front and with High res even better

For me and yes I prefer vinyl to my ears it give you more, not a member of flat earth LP12 group but I believe for me with some of the new Vinyl recordings played on a suitable deck are sublime and that’s the direction of travel for me as you can see from my bio

For me it’s the best of both worlds


To be brutally honest i love them both and wouldn’t want to be without either of them.
But i do use my turntable these days unlike before once i got the dCS.
They are very close, each has its own unique style i guess, the turntable has a lovely rich sound to it, that can edge the rossini out on certain tracks, but it’s hard to tell the difference most of the time, apart from the pops and crackles.
As i already said, atleast i am using my turntable once again, as before the gap was to big to be bothered with it, so thats got to say something positive.


Well for what it’s worth this is my take. Neither is “better” I enjoy both. I think vinyl sounds more organic if perhaps less accurate? But here’s the thing. Radio 3 on FM on my Nat 05 sounds absolutely sublime, how is that the case because surely the music is rendered digitally in some way in the studio, in fact I imagine even the live performances are actually recorded digitally? And I’ve got music on both vinyl and CD where the former outperforms the latter but where the original recording is digital.

However, you listen to your music there are lots of variables, quality of original recording, pressing, digital transfer etc, quality and synergy of the replay system, and most those things stuck to either side of your head and what they feed in the middle.




I think that might be the point of the original video really. That it’s not a competition, but that both analogue and digital are more than good enough to capture what’s musically important. There are compromises in both domains - pick the compromises that work for your purposes.


I love how these sorts of things mention, but handily gloss over, the role of microphones, cables and preamps in not capturing stuff in the first place.

How long have you got?

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Yes, I recall an interview with the Eagles on Capital Radio back in 1977 when they were over here touring the Hotel California album. They said when recording Victim of Love how they hung the microphones in the studio to get a sound akin to Paul Rodgers and Bad Company.

Out of curiosity I started watching the video, but gave up as it was dire. However I was already well aware of the many limitations limitations of vinyl, some of which certainly contribute to the fact that to me, as a generalisation, digital sounds better than vinyl. Whilst I had come to favour digital over time, the preference for digital was firmly cemented when I discovered the Chord Hugo DAC. That DAC, and Dave that I have now, brought a naturalness that digital didn’t have before (Naim ND5XS, preceded by Shearne Phase 7 CD player, and before it Cambridge CD2). The naturalness without the very audible sound quality limitations of vinyl makes it feel like it is true to the real sound of music as recorded …in other words high fidelity. Vinyl to me always had limitations, thoroughly enjoyable though it was when it was the only medium (ignoring vastly inferior cassette, and high speed R to R tape, which wasn’t relevant as a music distribution medium) and through the first years of CD when the players I heard were seriously lacking (none could do bass!).

I say as a generalisation because some vinyl can sound exceptionally good, and some digital exceptionally bad. And direct comparisons with the same piece of music are difficult because mastering rarely, if ever, the same, and some digital has been deliberately bastardised by the record companies in the so-called loudness wars.

However, in terms of enjoyment it doesn’t matter: which is ‘right’ for any given person is simply the one which gives the greates pleasure.


I’m afraid I can’t tell the difference. However I do miss vinyl because I was, and still am, a fan of all the wonderful album sleeves that were created in the days of vinyl. They added something to the enjoyment of the records. In my view CDs leave everything slightly diminished as does streaming. However one cannot argue with the greater convenience of both media


I certainly agree with that, despite my preference for streaming digital files from my own store.

Repeating your conclusion over and over is not the same as proving it. He gets off topic a lot, and he says nothing about jitter, judder and all the other pitfalls that digital recording and reproduction are heir to.

I love my LP-12, I like my CDS3/555PS, and I’m getting ready to add a streamer. Hell, why not?

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It’s a YouTube video. It’s advertising for Skillshare. It’s entertainment. It’s not trying to prove anything - even if that were possible. If you want a rigorous analysis, buy a textbook!

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