Violectric V200 headphone amp HELP please!

I bought the Violectric V200 to compare it to my Headline, and it’s a disaster so far, as it has only tiniest volume with the vol knob at max. I’m using a new Naim RCA/5DIN from SN3 ‘Stream’ to the unbalanced RCAs on the V200 but nix, nada… double checked all connections and now ordered Neutrik male RCA/XLR adaptors just to see where the problem may be but I’m not hopeful. Why it doesn’t work is beyond me. Surely you don’t have to have a separate DAC (HL doesn’t) to make it work ( being honest, I don’t really understand DACs. Never had one.) V200 jumpers are set to Input.

Any advice or leads from headphone amp experts (especially Violectrics) is greatly and gratefully appreciated.

The Headline is safe at this point. At the very least, it works!

I enjoy the HPA V281 as a dwarf, and they’re fantastic.

I don’t know what the output to use on the SN3 but on the no Naim integrateds it is connected to the RECORDER (Audio Out - Fixed Level Output) output.

Have you set up the input pre-gain with the 4 switches you have for each channel…? Take a look at the instructions, and start by trying +6 dB.


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If you’re getting the tiniest output at max volume (even with the pre-gain switches set correctly) then i suspect you have an DIN > RCA cable wired at the DIN end as an input cable rather than an output cable.

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Thanks @newcomer. I tried both at +12. Tiny difference. Not listenable.

Someone (not via forum) suggested I plug the V200 straight into the Superline or CDP using RCA… this seems very odd!

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Ah… Thanks, @james_n… this sounds…possible. Fingers crossed.
I’ll check Naim ICs…

I agree with James, it sounds like the RCA-DIN is wired for a source to amp rather than to take signal from the REC Out pins.



That’s what I love about this place - four posts ago I was tearing me hair out! Now…hope!

So I need the DIN to be actually specified as Signal Out? I’ll get searching the online stores immediately :crossed_fingers:

Record Out. You likely won’t find it off the shelf, unless you get a tape interconnect (DIN5 - 4 x RCA Phono).

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You have selected the correct input?
I did that with my v281 and wondered why the sound was very quiet. Turn the volume down selected the right input ( RCA) and it was fine.

Cheers @Thegreatroberto - if I understood the manual, RCA becomes the selected input (or deactivates the XLR) when plugs are put on…I think.

Don’t know what the manual for the 200 says.
But what I do know is that the 200 should sound like a really good amp. Check you are connected to the correct input on the back. And selected the correct input on the front. I have mine RCA to RCA and fed from the “tape record” output on my pre amp ( non Naim).

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The 200 doesn’t have selectable inputs on the front - it looks a pretty simple amp compared to your 281 ( gorgeous, btw!)

But I am looking forward to hearing it!

Sounds like wrong cable

No selectable inputs can’t be your issue then!
And although my v281 does have selectable inputs, I only use RCA. But the v281 allows you turn it off. Not that I ever have.
Get your v200 working ( does sound like a cable) you will love it.

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Cable ordered. Flashback for the purpose of trying the V200 - then I’ll order a Naim one if the Violectric takes up residence.

Thanks for all your help, all!

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