Virgin media V6 box ‘upgrade’ to TV 360

I’ve resisted taking Virgin Meeja’s OS update as apparently although the new OS interface looks slicker (not hard) it can be pretty clunky and a bit of a step back in some respects, e.g. search facility is a bit poor and lots of the nice little touches in the old OS are missing.

Now I’m getting emails prompting me to change and my guess is they’ll mandate it at some point.

Has anyone moved from the old OS to the new TV360? Thoughts?

Answer to my own question if it helps anyone. It’s a waaay more flexible and intuitive an interface. Lost a couple of handy bits but for the most part it’s a lot more useable.


After a quick look at the VM site, I see what you mean about the OS upgrade. I’d assumed it was a new box but the upgrade cost is just to cover the new remote and the customer’s V6 box becomes a 360 box after an update.

Interesting feedback though, Jamie. Out of interest, what are the handy bits you’ve lost ?

It looks like a new 360 box (rather than a migrated V6 box) supports Zigbee (RF) rather than IR for remote control, which would be a bit of a PITA with our Harmony universal remote setup. Hopefully there will be no need to change our V6 box :crossed_fingers:

We have two V6 boxes. They stay in place. You just get two new remotes and essentially a whole new operating system on the boxes, I assume it’s Liberty Media’s preferred OS of choice. No charge involved.

Overall the interface is a whole lot more modern with a less ‘charming’ presentation, but one that is certainly way broader and informative. And the way it gives you suggestions with coming screen timings and info. Is good.

The voice control search is first class, picking your words out clearly and giving you the viewing options and taking you straight to programme, whether on live TV, iplayer etc.

Just a couple of things I’ve noticed, the lack of a ‘clear’ button involves a few more steps than some operations before and the route to ‘favourites’ is different in that there is now a side button to allocate faves for a number of users, which of course has its positives too.

I also liked the older, heavy, palm shaped remote, this is just a modern plastic oblong but a reasonable one of its type, I just bet it gives up at some point!

Overall, despite my natural scepticism, I’m actually quite pleased with it.


I’ve always been tentative upgrading mobile devices or any important hardware.

Increasingly I just do it - sometimes functionality is lost, but from overall security viewpoints it’s probably better to be running the most current firmware/software unless it’s known to kill an essential feature.

OK, stupid question time. What exactly is a “V6” box; is it what’s often described as a “set top box” to handle the TV?

We’re with VM, but only for broadband, so we have just a Superhub (in modem mode) to our Netgear Nighthawk router.

Yep, the V6 is their current generation of TV box which has been around for a few years now, replacing their older Tivo boxes a while back. Though some people cling to their old Tivos believing they give them more, however I can’t see it myself.

Having two V6’s means they team up so we have a TV ‘network’ in different rooms.

However newer subscribers get a V6 box and if wanting a second box that would be a ‘mini’ box I believe, with less functionality but working off the one V6 acting as a TV hub.

It’s all very commonplace now with Sky et al doing the same thing but it felt quite modern when I replaced the older Tivos some years back,

The old software/operating system was a third party OS built for Virgin and looked old fashioned and could be a bit clunky but had some useful if idiosyncratic features. The new OS is visually more akin to the usual fare from Amazon prime, Disney etc. and actually works very well (I’d read a number of disgruntled clients but guess either updates have improved it over the last couple of years and/or some folks just missed what they had got used to.)

I too use the Virgin hub as a modem only to Asus router. I believe the current hub works better than the old ones but my Asus system has to date not let me down!

Hi Jamie

Was there a cost implication in changing to 360?



Thanks Jamie - I think we’ll hold off for now as the V6 version still does all we need it to do but thanks for the useful info on the new interface and features :+1:

No, no fees for me.

I just had another email offering it and said yes this time. I think Liberty are trying to get everyone to move over…

I’m sure I’ve seen other things saying there was a fee of about £20 but none on this occasion.

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Updated here, no complaints, better and slicker experience.

Only issue was losing the wifes recordings, but she watches a right load of old shyte anway. She’s wasn’t overly worried and knew it would happen.