VirtualBox and Naim App

I run VirtualBox on my computer and I decided to install Android on VirtualBox. With Android installed I am able to run the Naim App.

My experience is as follows …
Installing Android is tricky. It is necessary to set the graphics to VGA in VirtualBox. (Also, I could not get the 32-bit version to work, but the 64-bit version was OK). The latest Android version for VirtualBox is Android-9. (So quite old).

Tha Naim App works but is really slow. Also it appears as a small window in the middle of the screen (I was hoping for a full screen version).

[For info I am running on a Dell Latitude laptop with an 15-processor, 8Gb RAM and an SSD].

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Try NoxPlayer

I find this works fine on my desktop PC (i7 - 16gb Ram, Windows 11).

You need to change the network settings to enable bridge mode otherwise the Naim app won’t discover the players.

I work from home so find it useful having NoxPlayer open to control my Muso QB or UnitiQute which are within earshot of my workspace.


Thanks. I will investigate NoxPlayer

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