Visit to London in May/Eric Clapton Concert

I have booked flights (from US) to see EC at Royal Albert Hall in mid-May for my 45th wedding aniv. Never seen him live and its on my bucket list.

Anyone interested in getting together for lunch one day? Would love to meet anyone on the forum. New to Naim for past 9 months, but have a ND555Unity Core/Cisco 2960 now and would love to spend some time live chatting.

I also was thinking of bringing back a pre loved 552. Thoughts on that. Suggestions where to shop?


:small_blue_diamond:Bailyhill,…Is this just a rumor or is there any truth behind.
But I’ve heard/read that Eric Clapton begins to have problems with his hands.

Anyone here who knows if this is true,he starts of course get old,so it can be true.


I have heard nothing of this rumor. However, all I know is that I have the DVD “Planes, Trains, and Eric” and he talks about retirement and how he will tour only in Japan, maybe. Trouring is a grind and he is 74 years old, so being that age myself, I know this past year I have “lost a step” as they say here across the pond. I somehow missed him when he was young. It would be worth it for me to hear only one song live. Hope his concert goes on.


It has been reported that he’s got a touch of arthritis that’s all (same as John McLaughin and me!) a bit of wear and tear over the years. I’m sure EC won’t let you down.

The Royal Albert Hall is a great venue. I’ve seen Eric Clapton there a couple of times once solo (opened with the wonderful let it rain) and again with Cream (second incarnation) both times he was amazing.

A tip is to book a table at the Royal Albert Hall in-house restaurant the Verdi which you can do on-line. It get’s you in one of the side doors earlier and is a great place to eat in relaxed surroundings only three minutes from your seat!

As do I at 74 years young. Hardly a day without some aches. Retirement is still better that working for a living–even though I thoroughly enjoyed my work.

Andy, thanks for the tip on the Verdi. We will do that. I have printed that out and will give it to my wife.

Not many of us live in London. I have frequented KJ West One in the past they are a Naim dealer in the heart of London. Might be worth dropping them an email to see if they would have an ex demo one available, though you would still need to get the voltage changed over to U.S spec. Alternatively look on hifi shark before you venture over.

@bailyhill looks like @gazza has hit the jackpot the store he mentions has a 552 and 500 pre-loved. They are both advertised on ebay at the moment at quite reasonable prices selling separately. I did a search on ebay UK for Naim 552 and it came up. Also, flagged up on another thread on the forum so the vultures will be circling.

Yep, £11k and £9k respectively…pretty good price as they are both DR

OMG! Thanks for sharing this. @gazza are you thinking of this one? I thought you already had a 552. Would not want to jump on it if you are considering. It is very tempting.

No too soon after my nd555

You will have to be quick to get it though and get them to store or ship

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