Visit to the Big Apple and buying an Apple?

I am off shortly to New York and I am considering buying a new laptop while I am there. The price is dollars for pounds so about a 25-30% reduction in cost. This used to be done quite often. Does anyone have an opinion (I’m sure someone does!) as to whether this remains a sensible thing to do with regard to warrenties, etc. What might be the pitfalls?

Thank you.

Voltage issues for one
Paying the tax on return to country is another

Thanks CBR. I thought the voltage issues were minimal as there was always a transformer in the way. On the matter of tax, if i was using it in the US after I bought it, which i will be doing, I understood this mitigated that. Hence my ignorant question. I think one downside for me is a different keyboard although this may be limited. But I was particularly concerend about the warrenty really.

Never even thought about the keyboard!!
In terms of warranty it should be global, but in the real world you might get less support without shipping back yo location purchased. That being said, my kids has a few Apple Macs, etc and never had any problems needing return of product

If you buy an Apple product in England you get a 6 year warranty against faulty manufacture, I guess that you would be able to buy the extended warranty - Apple Care.

The other big issue is the keyboard layout, perhaps one key missing - I have not seen a US keyboard for a few years. Voltage is not a problem, but you will have to get a UK plug addon for the powersupply. - No different from buying a US plug addon when taking a UK machine to the US.

What you might find beneficial for any Macbook is the myriad of cables and adapters for connecting the USB to memory cards, display cables etc etc. These might be easier / cheaper to buy in the US but compare prices before you go out there.

However if you want a special variation on the machine eg CPU speed, memory, size of drive it will most likely be a special order from China. Allow some time for that 10 or more days etc

Be aware that US prices have the state tax added on top of the listed price - this varies from state to state, UK prices include VAT

Thanks Derek. The state tax is what someone else has just mentioned to me and the saving may be irrelevent at that point.

I think the answer is a don’t bother.

Thank you all.

buy it in the UK, take it to the US and buy the extras in the states once you have decided what you want. Now that software is in the main downloaded and not shipped in boxes there is no benefit in purchasing software in the US unless you can have a US address to hopefully get a better price.

The thing to look for in NYC is the range of products at B & H photographic store - however if you buy over the counter you will be paying state taxes, get it posted to an out of state address and you might get a price benefit. Just go to the B & H website and drool.

My MacBook Pro is American, and the keyboard is missing only the “£” key, which is easily overcome by reallocating another rarely used key.

There’s no issue with the power supply, which simply has an American travel adapter plug on the end.

I did use it briefly over there, before returning to UK, having adorned the lid with a couple of easily removed stickers, and stuffing it in a previously used slipcase.

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