Visit to Toronto, Niagra and New York

Hi All, at the end of August we have a trip planned to go to Toronto for 3 days, Niagra for 2 days and then a flight into New York for three days before flying home back into Heathrow.

We are looking for ideas of what to do / look at in each place so all suggestions welcome.

We have never been to Toronto or Niagra before but we have spent some time in New York.

Whilst in New York we will do Top Of The Rock and a show and any other ideas would be welcome.

Also, places to eat and drink ideas would be food. :slight_smile:

Thanks and we look forward to hearing your thoughts/ ideas.


I have looked through the recent New York thread and there are some great ideas.

Any advice on Toronto?

Sounds like a good trip unfortunately I’ve only been to NY, and I think the others have touched on this on another thread. NY has some of the best art you’re likely to see anywhere if that interests you. Cheers.

Thanks Pete. I think we will take in some art when in NY. When we went a couple of year ago we went to a couple of places which were great. Thanks, Nick

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Yep for NY see my recent thread.

The whole place was a buzz, though one of the standouts for the whole family was Ellen’s Stardust Diner. Had to queue for an hour, in the rain, but an absolute hoot!

Top of the Rock was great and the associated app is quite cool, Empire State bit of an anticlimax afterwards! Times Sq. a nightmare to walk through and best avoided IMO. Chelsea cool, as was Brooklyn.

Moma was good, though quite a bit of filler I thought, at least in comparison to London options. Met and lunch at boating lake in Central Park both great. Would have gone to The Frick and Guggenheim if I didn’t have to show willing and do a couple of more boring shop related bits…Didn’t stop in Queens but looked a lot going on from the elevated Subway train.

The Red Arrows are visiting New York, Toronto and Niagra at the end of August too if you’re there then? The dates are on their website. A good vantage point would be great!

What is wrong with me! I saw Viagra!

Hi Nick,

I was at the Niagara Falls quite a while ago, which means that things have changed a lot, but if you can still make the walk at the feet of the falls, do it. When I was there, some of the spray wafted towards a over our group. A fantastic experience.

The town/city of Niagara is rather commercialised and not particularly nice, but Niagara village, a little further downstream is very pretty. Not sure whether there’s enough there for two whole days, but I guess you’ll find out!

All, thanks for your ideas.

While you must view the falls, drive up (20 minutes) the picturesque Niagara parkway to
Niagara on theLake. En route is a butterfly atrium that is worth a stop. Lovely village, perhaps take in a play at the Shaw Festival theatre.
You’re in wine country, and some of the wines are very palatable. Suggest lunch at one of the wineries.

On the way to Toronto, downtown Oakville has lots of interesting shops and restaurants, and unlike Niagara, not “touristy”

In Toronto, the art gallery is good, as is the Royal Ontario museum. Sportswise, taking in a baseball game is a good way to squander an afternoon. The hockey hall of fame would be mandatory if you know the game well enough.

If you like amusement parks, Canada’s wonderland, north of the city, is one of the best.

Have a blast!

Thanks Peter.
Some great ideas there and I think we should be able to pull together a good itinerary.

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