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I am in the process of building new listening room. For this project I am considering the Vitsoe 606 shelving system. As it is wall mounted, light and rigid (I think) it does seem on paper to be suitable for supporting a stereo system. Does anyone here have experience in using this system to support HiFi? Specifically an LP12, Roksan TMS and assorted Naim and other black boxes. I am mostly using Mana presently.

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Can’t help with using Vitsoe for equipment…but have recently fitted Vitsoe for cd storage and in another room , for books etc.
The quality of the product is exceptional, even the packaging! The staff at Vitsoe HQ are also v helpful.
Dieter Rams obviously intended the shelving to be used for his / Braun equipment ( of a different era though !)
I don’t see why with the use of additional isolation platforms this would not work …good luck.

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Noticed on their website on one page I spy some Naim amps and a Naim CD player,with pair of Epos ES 14 ,nice.


Yes – I have practical experience here. In my previous home, following a top-to-bottom renovation and after consultation with the Vitsoe design office in London, I decided to house my Naim set on a Vitsoe system. It looked very neat and I had no concerns RE stability even for the heavy boxes (incl 300/300PS and 555PS). It obviously won’t confer the benefits of a bespoke rack such as Fraim (which I have now, in my new home) but it was a super solution for that space. Can send you photo if you can find a way to send me your email address. As an aside, I first saw Naim on Vitsoe in a dealer in London: Robert Taussig. Lovely showroom with a keen sense of design in case you are ever able to visit.

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Let us know how you get on. It looks as the ideal weapon to counter my wifes Ikea reflex.

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Sorry, can’t help with the hi-fi question, but the quality of the Vitsoe system is superb. As a result I doubt there would be an issue. My only question may be the turntable, hence personally I might keep a Mana table around for LP12. There’s a BBC documentary about Dieter Rams. His hifi was on 606. Sadly he wasn’t using the Braun LE1 electrostatics.

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