Vitus integrated amp v 552/500

Can’t deny she’s got taste!

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Stange things wives lol.
Mine preferred the vitus look, as it was just one small box compared to 4, the rack would have been much smaller, she also didn’t care much about the sound.
But glad i didn’t jump, not that it matters to you lol.

That will be another one not making the move then, was told by Richard, i was the first not to make the swap, but since found out there have been quite a few before me, plus a few that did and then sold the vitus only after a short time, some came back to naim, others moved to other things, like active speakers.
Anyway what ever you both decided going forward, i hope you enjoy it

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As you say Dunc having thought about a dem or not myself, I can’t help fearing it could be the start of yet another slippery slope… ( have had a few of them with Naim) ATB Peter

Well peter, i for one am happy with my set up, you can keep on going looking for the next great thing, but i certainly dont want to have to start swapping out most off my gear, to obtain that sound.
I have enjoyed the naim sound for over 20 years, i still like it and my system is still just about built around it, looking forward to the 552 being DRed etc and then just fine tuning it.
Still sometimes wish i had got on with the Nd555, as the complete 500 series system does all look fantastic together in a twin rack fraim, but it wasn’t to be.
But i do love the sound, the fact 12’s work so well together with the 500dr, and my 2 great sources, the rega P10/aura and the Rossini/clock, really provided a fantastic sound that the 552 can make the best off.

Sometimes we all must just enjoy what we have and just enjoy the music

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Someone did!

Just spotted who :rofl:
Teach me to look first before pasting.

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Are you actually The Major from Fawlty Towers?




“India? I took a girl to see India once…”

Certainly wouldn’t be allowed to finish that quote anymore :slight_smile:

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That’s the one…

‘Papers arrived yet….’?

I heard somewhere that the Major was John Cleese’ favourite character in Faulty Towers.

That’s a quote which should be appended to many of the threads on here!

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Well yes, i feel my system is about as good as i am going to get it, certainly not going to make any big leaps in quality at this level, so i have decided to just try and fine tune what i have, to the room and to try and max out what i have. Stop looking for the next box upgrade and just enjoy what i have.


So then what was the final outcome?

being collected Tuesday, but I must admit if there wasn’t two of us in this relationship it would be staying. I like it a lot but its not to be!

You like it a lot ,but musically does it sound a lot better than what you have? Did you compare the sound in class A/AB?

yes to my mind it sounds better more detail less in your face. at this level its not night and day but I prefer the Vitus presentation. did not bother with AB because it was plenty loud enough in A, the only time I would need more would be a party and at my age that’s not to likely

Sorry to bother you Dunc. but could you please tell me where you got the foot cups for your speakers please as l have the 8’s and would like to gets some for mine.

In order to attract Dunc’s attention you can use @Dunc. Hopefully that will work.

They are iso acoustic gaia 3, just remove the standard spikes and screw these in and level up.
Nice little improvement and cheap, well recommended and even have a few off there isolation feet under my melco, Rossini and P10