Vivienne Westwood RIP

Hugely influential designer and trend shaper at the centre of music culture in the late 70’s.



Gosh, another iconic individual passes on.

Very sad evening. She was an icon.

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How extraordinary that so many exceptional people have followed the death of our late Queen in so short a time. (I was just digesting the news of Pele.)

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Hopefully they’ll realise it wasn’t ‘Bearnardo’s’ :roll_eyes:

My teenage daughter came to share the news earlier this evening. Vivienne Westwood may have been 81 but obviously still had relevance for at least one of the next generation, given her achievements and activism. My daughter followed her on social media and it’s fair to say she’s crestfallen this evening.

She also made the same observation as @graham55 about the number and calibre of the people we are losing.


Watched this on Britbox last night though nodded off before it finished:

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Malcolm fluffed it a good while ago.

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