Volume Adjustment issue since iOS 16 w. Spotify & Naim App on Naim Uniti Atom

Hi Together,
Ihave the following issue with my Naim Uniti Atom in the following setup:

  • iOS update from iOS 15 to 16
  • Spotify App connected to Atom

Previously it was possible to adjust the volume in single steps (e. g. 20, 21, 22 …)
Since the update to the latest iOS 16 version I can only adjust the volume in 5 steps (e. g. 20, 25, 30, 35).

If I use the Naim App to adjust the volume it’s possible to make the adjustments in single steps but the volume jumps back to the setting from the Spotify app (e . g. It was 20 and I go up in 3 clicks to 23 it jumps back to 20!).

The same happens also if I adjust the volume with the Naim original hardware remote that came with the Atom.

Perhaps someone has discovered the same issue so far.

To me it seems it’s an issue that occurs only on my iPhone / devices with iOS 16.
On my iPad with iOS 15 it is possible to adjust the volume in single steps (as it was before)

Sorry if my explication isn’t that good.
All the best and kindest regards

Also having that issue….

I had another thread but have issues with album art when using HomePod ( via voice ) to play on Naim.

Hoping there a firmware from Naim to solve these issues

Same here, very annoying indeed…

Having the same issue since updating to ios16. Cannot control volume through remote.


This issue has been raised on an almost identical thread - both refer to Uniti units, started before yours and to which you have also posted. It may save confusion / duplication if you ask @Richard.Dane to merge the two threads.

As far as quick responses from Naim support are concerned, in present times and with many people raising the same issue with support, there is a lot of duplication for them to work through.
Search is as usual still available.

In the meantime, a recent post on that thread contains some info reportedly from Naim.

“It appears to be an issue with how iOS 16 reads the Spotify commands, and because Spotify is not integrated into the naim app, there’s nothing that we can do to change this. Hopefully, Apple and Spotify will sort this issue out soon, as it happens with Spotify on other brands too.”


Hi, I’m also having the same issue. Any news about a fix, please?

Hi everyone,
This morning I switched on my Atom and connected it as previously with the Spotify app.

To my surprise volume adjustment issue seems to be fixed now.
I can make volume adjustments as previously in single steps.

Seems apple, Spotify or who else fixed the bug…
It works out of a sudden :slight_smile:

Haven’t tried it with tidal etc

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