Volume control has gone haywire

My Narcom 5 /122x has gone slightly haywire - adjusting the volume up by a single press causes the amp to continue turn up to full volume, pressing down a single press then turns it down all the way. I can sometimes stop it by stabbing the buttons quickly which seems to stop it. I’ve replaced batteries and turned everything on and off again with no avail.
Is this a fault with the Narcom or 122X?


To figure out if it’s the Narcom or the 122x: What happens if you do the single press and then cover the remote in such a way that no light leaks out?

If it stops once the Narcom is covered, the Narcom is probably sending volume commands continuously (which might e.g. be a wonky button). If it continues anyway, it’s probably an issue in the 122x (which might either be its IR reveiver thinking that it is receiving continuous commands or the motor not stopping for other reasons)

You can see the light from the remote if you view it through the camera on a mobile phone!

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Very good point

Do you have another Naim bit of kit such as a Naim CD player with its own Narcom you could try?

Had this exact problem with my Flash remote.
This with cds2/52/135s
Never happened with the standard remote, so never used the Flash again ( not fixable).
Very scary as risk for damage to speakers.
Would use a different remote unless the current one is fixed…. If it is the remote causing the problem.

Remove the compact fluorescent light bulb you have in the room, or just turn it off.

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I getting sticking remotes all the time. Usually the TV. I have lost track of the times I’ve opened them, taken out the rubber button inlay and washed it with warm soap and taken a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol to the inside of button casing and the main PCB with the blister switches. Always good as new once done.

Since posting I have not been able to replicate the fault!

It isn’t the buttons sticking, and there are no fluorescent bulbs in the room!

Do you have a flatscreen TV just above? Sometimes if the radiation from the screen is on the same plane as the logic board of the pre-amp it can do some odd things. Otherwise, do you have another RC5 remote that may be stuck down the side of a chair of sofa? If so, when you’re sat on the chair or sofa and you move slightly it can put pressure on the buttons and cause them to send commands. This is perhaps the most common cause of “ghostly” behaviour.

This fault has re-appeared. Pressing the volume down button once will cause the motor to turn the volume knob all the way down, and the motor will keep on driving the knob - I can even take the remote out of the room once the button is pressed and the motor will continue to drive the knob up or down, indicating a preamp fault? There are no other remotes in the vicinity, and any other kit other than the Naim system is turned off.

Is this looking like it’s third separate fault from new?

Have u tried a different remote?

I don’t see how it can be the remote if the NAC is continuing to drive the volume down even when the remote is taken out of the room and the batteries are removed from the remote.

It is an almost new Narcom 5 which replaced the failed original.

I used to have the exact same problem, but since I replaced the wi-fi controllable LED bulb in the lamp beside my kit, the issue is gone. It’s been about a year now. I put in an incandescent bulb.
It was suggested that the LED was an issue, not the wi-fi bit.
Hope this helps.

Fair point

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