Volume control Mu-so 2 + Mu-so QB 2

I have a Mu-so 2 and Mu-so QB 2 in my living room. When the are connected I can change the volume in the app for both Mu-so’s together or separately.
The first slider you see in the app is only controlling the volume of the unit you selected after starting the app. Now I have to press this slider to access te combined volume slider.
Because both Mu-so’s are in one room it would be more logic for me that the standard volume slider would control both when they are are connected. Pressing the slider would then give access to two seperate sliders for controlling the Mu-so’s desperately.
Also for the volume control dails on my Mu-so’s I would like to have similar functionality. So when they are connected both dails control the combined volume of the set.
Is there a setting to get the standard volume slider and the dails to work like this?

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It was never the intention to have two musos in one room. You’d be better off with an Atom and a pair of speakers.

But in multiroom, the group volume will change the volume on both simultaneously.

Okay, I understand but accessing the Group volume is only possible in the app and you always need to remember that you select the multiroom symbol to access this slider. This it not a big issue but not so user friendly. It would be nicer to have a setting to choose which volume you control with the slider and dial when the unit is in multiroom mode.

Every Mu-so can have its own setting and this setting only applies when the unit is in multiroom mode. This way group volume adjustment is easier and more logical when two or more units are playing in the same room.

I have thought about an Atom and a pair of speakers but unfortunately my room is not suitable for this kind of setup. I have a long and narrow L-shaped living room. My Mu-so 2 is on one side of the room attached to my TV. When listening to Radio during my daily routines I like to have sound at a constant volume level in whole my living room. That’s why I added a Mu-so QB 2. To me this is not a strange configuration for a multiroom system, and I will not be the only one who uses more Mu-so’s in one room.

When I am using the Muso’s in a Chromecast group the main volume in the Google Home app controls both units (see screenshot).

To access the volume control of one of the units you select the multiroom button below the group volume slider (see screenshot).
In my opinion this is a more logical way for the Group volume control. Unfortunately, I cannot play Hidef radio with Chromecast so this is no solution for me.
Hopefully this kind of control can be added in a future version of the app.

To me, the Naim approach looks simpler. In the screenshot I posted you can control either unit separately, or all of them together. What could be easier? The more options you add to apps, the harder they are to get right and the harder they are to keep working when improvements are made. If you feel your suggestion will make a worthwhile improvement, it’s probs my best to contact Naim support, as Naim don’t routinely read forum posts.

Thank you for your feedback. I will contact Naim support to hear what they think about my idea.

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