Volume control on a NAC72

Hi guys, just a quick question. I have just returned from a friends house who has bought a NAC72, HICAP & NAP250. Sounds really nice, but on looking close at the nac72. His volume control line when turned completely down was on a slight angle more like 7’o’clock. Mine is at 6’o’clock and always has been. Does anyone have a answer for this, they both work fine. My NAC72 picture supplied.

Probably a slipped knob. You’ll find a little grub screw under the rubber outer cover so you can reset the position.


It looks like the knob has just slipped or been re-positioned on the spline. It’s usually around the 7 o’clock position at minimum volume.

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Thank you, do you take the volume control cap off and loosen the screw and reset the position. I guess it is not the screw in the centre of the control. Many thanks guys.

This thread should help. About the rotary ON-OFF Switch of Naim NAP 140 : feel little loose

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As far as I am aware, 7 o’clock is the correct starting point.

It was that when I first bought my NAC72, though it was slightly pulled out of position when the kids were growing up :grinning:

When I had the pre amp serviced by Darran at Class A, it came back with the volume starting at 7 again.

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All sorted out now, a big THANKS for your help guys. Picture showing it in correct position.


Much better… :crazy_face:

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