Volume Control through Roon

Hi all,
I’m about to add an ND5 XS2 to my system, whose hub is currently a SuperUniti (hopefully to be traded in for Naim amp soon).
I’m also configuring an Intel NUC to run roon (taking the plunge, little experience).
The ND5 will be connected via the digital out to the SuperUniti’s digital in.
Can I control the volume of the system within roon?
And when I trade in for a regular Naim amp, will I still be able to do so?
And if so, how?
Many thanks.

Worth a search - this topic has come up quite a few times.

Naim preamps use ‘system automation’ to allow the streamer (via its remote or the app) to control their analogue volume pot. Unfortunately you cannot do this from Roon, so you would have to flip to the Naim app, or use a remote.
Another option would be to enable the digital volume control on the streamer, as this would be controllable through Roon. It may have a negative effect on sound quality though, the only way to find out is to enable it and have a listen.

Controlling the volume of my NDX2 via roon doesn’t effect sound quality for me. It works fine.

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