Volume control Unitiqute 2

Unitiqute 2 all in one has a remote for the unit including volume 0 to 100.

You can use the Bluetooth source which in my case is an iPhone. The green 0 to 100 on the unitiqute unit doesn’t move when adjusting this way, but volume will increase and decrease.

My question is. Is the increase and decrease using the iPhone altering the Bluetooth “profile” ie the volume of the Bluetooth stream and not the amplifier or is it the amplifier and will simply not show whilst still having limit. It seems to work separately and simultaneously, with both having range.

I think this answers your own question.

I see. However the point I’m trying to answer is that both the iPhone and Unitiqute 2 remotely adjust volume. Please attempt to explain how this works and keeps to its own limits. Thanks.

Your phone is adjusting the Bluetooth signal volume. It is not adjusting the unitiqute volume.

Ok good, thanks.