Volume control with nDX/NDX2 and Naim app?

Can I control the volume and change input through the Naim app if I use an NDX/NDX2 with 282/300dr? Anyone know please?


Go to the volume mode in the naim App and change the settings either to hybrid or variable, Hope this helps.

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You can use system automation. Connect the two boxes with a 3.5mm to 3.5mm lead, set it up using the app.


That’s not a good idea, as it reduces sound quality. I don’t believe it’s available on the original NDX.


This will give you a basic digital volume control in the NDX2 which reduces sound quality. It’s more convenient to use, but setting up System Automation will allow the Naim app to control the volume pot and input selection on the preamp.


That seems to be the best way. On the older Classic series preamps, you’ll need a mono 3.5mm to RCA phono interconnect.

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I do control my volume through the name app on my iPad and iPhone with my NDX 2 / NAC 282.

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If you have a very early 282, it might not support the 3.5mm to 3.5mm connection.

Ok I’m confused where does the 3.5 go into the 282? When mine was installed the other day we couldn’t find it so he’s bringing me a different 3.5 to rca cable (my 282 is not an old one).

Connected the two via a 3.5mm to RCA. Now what do I do? Anything to change here?

Update: managed to work it out. Ticked RC5 modulation as well as the ones above.

On the 282 it’s an RCA not a 3.5mm jack.

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That’s what we thought glad to have confirmation there isn’t one hidden behind a secret panel or something :joy:. My dealer is great so they are bringing me the right lead round soon. At least it gives me the chance to try the included remote.

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