Volume control with Roon app on ND5XS2?

Is there a way to control volume on a ND5XS2 with SN3 (connected thru 3.5mm jack cable to each other) thru the Roon app (iOS).
Jumping to the Naim app or using the SN3 remote to adjust volume is very inconvenient. I manage to control remotely with my cell and Roon app the volume on the audioquest dragonfly with headphones connected to my laptop. Your help is much appreciated. Happy Sunday.

You can’t integrate Naim’s system automation with Roon unfortunately.

There is a workaround using a Logitech Harmony Hub which will work as an IR remote control connected to your network. Then you can use a Roon extension that works with the Logitech device to give you the control you need.

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Any tips or citations on how to set this up? I’ve searched but don’t see anything instructive enough to pull it off. I have a Harmony Hub, so this would be worth doing.

You need to host the extension somewhere. You need the Deep Harmony extension. There’s plenty of information on the Roon forum in the ‘tinkering’ section.

I host mine in a container on my Qnap.

Then once you have an activity setup in Harmony you access the extension in Roon and configure it.

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