Volume control with the Naim app on a NAIT XS2 / ND5XS combo

The cable is for using ‘System Automation’ volume control, where the amp volume pot can be controlled from the Naim app, using +/- buttons instead of the slider. The first thing you need to do is get this working. Whether this works in the widget, I wouldn’t know.

The widget is only for the new streaming platform according to the announcement.

Ah, I missed that the OP has an original ND5XS. Still, SA volume control on the app should work.

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You set up system automation by turning it on through the settings menu in the Naim App.

Do you have the right lead?
The System Automation guide explains how to set it up using the streamer remote control.

On the old streamers you use the remote/front panel display, not the app.

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You should find that the procedure is the same for your system. The way the manual describes it is a little confusing, but it should still work.

Slightly ‘off-piste’ here but I have connected Superuniti to ND5 XS2 using a stereo 3.5mm lead and volume control via the app +/- does work. However, the connection to the ND5 is very loose. Does anybody know if a stereo 3.5mm lead is correct or does it need the mono version? Connection to the SU is fine.

I can’t think why a 3.5mm jack would be a loose fit. You only need a mono lead, but a stereo one should still work. They cost next to nothing, so you could always buy a different (mono) lead and try it.

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