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I have a NAC 202 with remote and an NDX-2 with remote. Can anyone tell me how I get the NDX-2 remote to change the volume on the 202 please. Also I use the Apple iOS on mt phone to control the NDX it too has soft keys for volume, but don’t function ! Any ideas anyone


you need a 3,5mm to RCA mono cable.
3,5mm side in the NDX2 and RCA mono in your 202. You can order them online for £2.

Thanks, I can see the correct socket on the 202, the control I assume, but not sure which one on the NDX2

IR out.

Thanks, one final question, does that enable both remotes?

If connected correctly, you can then use your NDX2 to control the volume and also the remote that comes with you 202, if that is the question.

You need to enable System Automation in the Naim app settings menu.

that was my question thanks for the help

enabling Automation, will that enable vol control when I have the cable in place?
All the info I’m getting is really good, shame that the Naim Manual doesn’t have a bit more explicit detail in it!!

Yes, that will allow you to control volume via the app or the streamer remote. Depending on your speaker sensitivity, volume levels etc you may find that controlling the preamp volume like this requires a very light tough of the buttons.

Thanks folks, I now have the cable and it functions perfectly. I have a further question, I have a NAC82 that crackles when the volume is changed via he remote but sounds good otherwise, any idea what this is as I want to sell it, but in an honest state. How much are thy going for, any ideas??

If you turn it off, and rotate the pot backwards and forwards over its full range a few times, that may clear it, at least for a while. If you’re going to get it repaired, it may be worth just getting the whole preamp serviced while you’re at it. But then you may decide you want to keep it and sell your 202 instead :wink:

Cheers, I think my next move is a 282 or 252, going to sell the 82.
I’ll try your tip and hope it works. Thanks

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