Volume dial light went off

I`ve been using my Unit Atom device about year and a half now. Yesterday that big volume dial light suddenly went off. I tied to put it in the “deep sleep mode” and then start it again but nothing happened, light stays off. Does anyone know what is it about? should I contact my seller for a service or is there anything I could do it myself?

Hannu Tunturi, Finland

Did yiu try taking the mains power off and then restarting it? The other thing you could try would be a factory reset. But if neither of those work then you need to talk to your seller.

Thank you for your reply!
Unfortunately further problems shows up. Now Atom do not respond at all. I tried to unplug it few times but every time after running screen goes black and power light starts blinking slowly 1, 3 and 4 blinks over and over again. Do anyone know what code is that?

Your best chance now is to email or telephone Naim Uniti Support or talk to your dealer. I think it will probably need to go for a repair.



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