Volume dial on my MuSo has a mind of its own

Hi there,

I am wondering if you can help, I have a desperately frustrating problem with my MuSo.

I have a Gen1 MuSo and the rotary volume dial has become in accurate. By which I mean, if I turn it up, when I let go it slowly rotates back anti-clockwise about 30 degrees, essentially reducing the volume from which I had hoped to set it when I let go. The reverse happens when I turn it down.

This is not an issue if I change the volume with the remote control or with the app. It seems a mechanical issue with the rotary dial.

Anyone had this issue before, did you manage to fix it?

Is there anything you would recommend?

Cheers - Zac

Most odd. I’ve never head of that one. Sounds like a repair is required or, sadly, just live with it.

I would recommend you contact Naim’s technical support.

I thought the control wheels on the 1st gen units were not repairable/replaceable?

That has changed. They are now I believe.

I think not.
The version 2 can be worked on but the original units cannot. The control wheel is hard wired internally so cannot be repaired/replaced

Appreciate everyones comments so far. I was told at Sevenoaks Sound & Vision where I bought it that they were not replaceable. Naim tech support have suggested I send it in for a repair. Seems there is some conflicting advice out there.

Mine did that and Naim HQ told me to do a factory reset. I did that and, in my own case, it cured the problem.

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