Volume knob has a mind of its own

My NAC52 just had a bit of a funny turn. I turned it on, but the on switch didn’t stay pushed in, so it turned off as soon as I let go the switch. I turned it on again, immediately, and the volume knob turned itself to full volume. I turned it back to 0, but it immediately turned to full on. It took no notice of the remote. I turned the 52 off, then on again, and the same thing happened. So I turned off, left it for a little longer, and turned it on - and all was well (thank goodness). Rather nervous using it for a while in case it suddenly decided to go full volume again, but all was well.
Has anyone else had this experience? Was it because of the rapid on/off/on sequence? Or is something wrong?

Is the remote control stuck, or a button stuck on? Try removing the batteries and retest

What remote are u using?
I had this problem where my flash remote would suddenly shoot the volume up.
I tried everything to fix it but it happened again
Now I use the cheap remote that came with the 52
But this only happened when I was using the remote
Very scary

If this was happening randomly during normal operation then it would be a sign that something’s amiss and needing attention. As it happened with an unintended rapid power cycle then it’s more likely to be the control circuitry getting into a strange state. Giving the 52 a chance to fully power down as you did seems to have fixed it.

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Check if you have any remotes stuck down the side of a sofa or chair or have one with the volume button stuck.

Otherwise, James’ post may well be on the right track re. the rapid power off/on cycle getting the logic control’s knickers in a twist.

I’m sure that it wasn’t the remote - it couldn’t see the 52 from where it was hidden on the couch :slight_smile:

I’m sure it wasn’t the remote. It was sitting on the settee, and not facing the 52 (or any walls it could reflect the signal off - it’s IR sender was facing the arm of the settee). I guess it was the rapid on/off/on that did it. Interestingly, and possibly relevantly, when the 52 first went on, I pressed the Aux button to select the NDX. Then the 52 powered down, and when I turned it back on the Aux was still selected - which has never happened before. I’m guessing that, although all the lights had gone off, there was still some residual power in there somewhere when I turned the mains on.
Curious, but nothing further happened during the evening - except some nice music.

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I had a similar scenario with my nac272, around 03:00 Monday morning I could hear the jazz grove intermittently playing, woke me up with a scare….

I could imagine that would be disturbing. I hope that doesn’t happen with mine. It would be even more worrying, though - I don’t have any jazz…

Something like that happened to me before, I’d been playing a YouTube clip and for some reason in the middle of the night it started playing again - a couple of guys discussing and playing acoustic guitars, in my have semi conscious state I crept downstairs shouting at them, what a plonker….although perhaps my n272 is possessed!

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