Volume level in HDMI mode

Hello there!
Can you please help me to understand.
While using Uniti Atom in HDMI mode watching Video I’ve noticed that volume level is much more lower than listening to music from other inputs or streaming. Not sure but it could be less details level as well. Is that something I can do with it? Thank you for comments.

Often a PCM stereo output from AV will be a mix down from multichannel, in which case the level is often significantly lower than normal. The solution is that you just have to turn up the volume a bit more. However, the Atom also has an input trim, which allows you to make a specific level adjustment up or down for that particular input to compensate for differing input levels.

Thank you for comment Richard. Will check trim adjustments. Do you know which option is preferred HDMI or Optical input for TV? Or this is the same mix down from multichannel and not relevant to input?

They’re both PCM Stereo so both can only take a multichannel signal mixed down to stereo.

Personally, I tend to favour optical where only AV audio is concerned because I find HDMI infuriatingly flaky whatever the device, mainly I suspect because of the complex handshaking that has to go on between devices for copy protection.

Thank yo very much Richard!

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