Volume Nait5 problem

Hi all and Thanks for subscribing, when I can I always follow the group and read interesting things. this time I did not find an answer to my problem. my nait5’s motorized volume stopped working; pressing the buttons on the remote control you hear the noise but it does not turn. it’s not the batteries and the remote works. even without the knob the engine does not turn over. some idea? Thank you.

You can definitely hear the motor running when you press the volume controls? If so, I wonder whether the drive cog has come loose on the motor spindle. @NeilS may well have the answer here…

yes the motor makes noise when I press the buttons on the remote, but the shaft does not turn

Hi crazyhorse,

If the knob has taken a whack, in transit for example, the shaft of the pot can bend slightly & the motor cannot overcome the extra torque required to turn it due to the clutch in the gearbox. Usually you would get some degree of rotation if this is the case. If it’s not moving at all, it sounds like a gearbox fault.



at this point I think of a breakdown because it hasn’t taken a hit and has never been transported in twenty years.

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