Vonets Wireless Bridge

Some of you may have the misfortune to recall Vonets Wireless Bridge and Innuos.

I still CBA to get a better bridge as I am, still, simply enjoying music too much to worry about whether this is better than that etc.

However, an embarrassing hiccup with 3 family iPhones led to us wholly unnecessarily acquiring a new Sky Broadband router yesterday. Inevitably the latter has declined the opportunity to rename itself with the same SSID and password as our existing network so cue much family muttering about having to login to a new network. Nowadays of course Bluetooth makes this easy for iOS devices and even the Muso-QB and Pioneer Kuro played ball in seconds rather than an age.

Of course the Vonets bridge to the Innuos Zenith is still looking for the old network so I needed to go through the tedious process of attaching it to a PC; finding the new network and then setting it up as a repeater/bridge. Inevitably it declined to do anything for an hour before finally deciding to co-operate. Logged it onto the new network and it crashed. Took a punt on it being okay regardless and sure enough we have music again just in time to satiate the teenagers spending their New Years Eve here.

Unfortunately it has set itself up as a visible wireless hot spot as well. I doubt this will precipitate a crisis in the next 48 hours but obviously I want it gone. Logged into the device using its new IP address using my iPad and set the hot spot to both hidden and disabled but the bugger is still there. It’s not urgent but any help would be appreciated.

No replies at all.

No music :sob:

Damn thing will not reset consistently. When it does I can change settings but then it seems to crash on reboot.

Sorted. Inevitably tired user error.

Yes, the Vonets WiFi bridge setup routine is tedious and dated. Which version do you have? I have the VAP11G-300, which I’ve used with my HDX for the last 7 years (maybe more). Rock solid connection still.

Mine is the VAP 11N 300. Pretty much the same thing. Struggles to keep the power lead connected and really doesn’t respond well to resets. Once it’s up and running it’s just fine. I’m finding it a struggle to justify any of the other more robust devices on the market though. Their desire to come with impressive looking wings which often make them look like small industrially designed owls is unhelpful as are the excessive number of flashing lights. Not something I want in the living room whilst trying to listen to music. At least the Vonets hides on the floor behind a speaker :slight_smile:

Intrigued by what’s now happening. New Sky router defaulted to Auto channel. I switched it to 6 which I know works well and have found that Innuos Sense app is taking an age to open after it finds the server etc. Once open it’s lightning quick but opening is suddenly not.

Checked router and it had somehow switched to channel 11. Moved it back to 6 but…same issue. It’s almost like the instruction to load the front page of the app is struggling to get through but once it has all is fine. Very odd.

You could try the Vonets VAP11AC. Same funky setup but better range and coverage. I used it for a while on my HDX but needed it for a more demanding application, so went back to the VAP11G. Don’t have any experience with the VAP11N but it sounds like you may have a bad one or its wifi limits are being exceeded.

Thanks. No issue with range and coverage. This is a new issue which has developed only since the latest faffing about. My recall is that in terms of hotspots I was being offered 2x channel 2 and have presumably selected 1 it objects to in some way. Easy enough to fix when I have a moment.

I must say that whilst the Vonets are horribly plasticky they do at least have minimal lighting. Trying to find a bridge/repeater that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb is quite a challenge so having one which can lay on the floor behind a speaker suits for the time being.

My ideal would be one that is both small and has zero flashing lights. Perhaps configured and monitored solely by app.

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