VP of Audio at Stability AI quits

… for moral reasons!

“Newton-Rex’s decision to resign from Stability AI arrives as the debate over the ‘harvesting’ of copyrighted music by generative AI platforms gets even louder.”


The author resigned from their leadership role at Stability AI due to a fundamental disagreement on the company’s stance regarding using copyrighted works to train AI models. Stability AI believes this falls under ‘fair use’, allowing them to use copyrighted material without permission or payment. However, the author disagrees, citing the potential market impact and ethical concerns.

I posted here to promote discussion. Personally, I have mixed feelings about the whole GenAI thing, and I thought this was an interesting development.

Personally am against AI music development. Young talented musicians are already lost in a sea of mediocrity propagated in part by the advent of mass streaming.
AI music will only exasperate the problem further.
BAD idea. And why should AI developer’s create their programs without paying the very musicians whose products they use and by doing so hope to replace.


One has to applaud his stance but he can probably do more to counter the march towards total carnage for “real” music creators. I hope he does.

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